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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like a website, where do I start?

Websites on homepages are now only available to students who are in a course where the faculty member has requested they create and use a website on homepages. If that is the case, the student will receive a system-generated email with further instructions.

What if I don't remember my Bronco NetID and password?

You may go to the login page of GoWMU and click the appropriate links in the "Quick Links" box on the right.

Ok, I have registered for the site requested by my instructor, what is my Web page address?

Your web address in this format: where BroncoNetID is your username, e.g. j6bronco.

I registered, now how do I access my website?

Logins to the site are prohibited. You create your pages on your own computer and then you must use some type of secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) to upload the pages to your space on the homepages Web server. The FTP address is and your login is via your Bronco NetID username and password.

I chose to have your template copied to my area, now how do I edit it?

You may browse to the page on your site and then click on File > Save As to save it to your computer as index-template.html. Then you may open it using a web software, or even Microsoft Word, make your changes and save it. Finally upload the file back to your server area using an FTP program.

How much space do I have for my Web pages?

Each student receives 1 GB of space which may be allocated for web and file storage. To adjust your allocations, login to GoWMU and click Adjust my Disk Quotas in the My Self-Service portlet.

What am I allowed to do on my page?

Review the Rules and Policies pages for answers to this question.

What do I use to create a page?

The easiest way to create your own Web page is to use a software package such as Dreamweaver (the recommended and supported product at WMU). You may also use Microsoft Word (save as Web Page). There is also a free alternative to Dreamweaver, NVU (n-view), which may be downloaded and used for free. Although you may be able to obtain assistance with its use, it is considered non-supported and use at your own risk. See the NVU How To.

Can I use Microsoft FrontPage?

You should not use FrontPage and it may cause problems with your Web account. The recommended and supported package at WMU is Adobe Dreamweaver.

I keep getting FTP errors when I try to upload my pages. What's wrong?

It's possible you are using an ISP which does not reverse map and the homepages server is not allowing the connection to be made for security purposes. If you have sftp errors, the fastest way to obtain a solution is to contact the OIT Help Desk by telephone at (269) 387-4357, option 1. You could also send email but chances are likely that the Help Desk will need additional information from you and you could spend several days emailing back and forth before it is resolved.

I am looking for someone's page, how do I find it?

Use the A-Z listing found at If it is not listed there, it is because the owner chose to not have it listed and you will have to ask them for that information.

Why don't I show up in the A-Z listing?

If it has been more than 24 hours since you registered for homepages and you still do not show up, you probably chose not to be listed at the time of your registration. Go here to change your settings.

When I try to view my pages, all I see are file folders and document icons. Why?

The server looks for a file called index.html or index.htm. If it does not find that file, it displays only a listing of the files in your Web area. Renaming your main page, index.html should solve the problem.

I created my page and loaded it but all I see is your template page. Why?

Your page must be named index.html or index.htm. If the server does not find a file with either of those names, and you chose to have the template copied over when you registered for homepages, the server will display the template. Renaming your main page index.html and reloading it should solve the problem.

I have web pages on another server, can I move them?

Yes. Simply download the files from the first server to your computer and then you can upload them to the homepages server.

How about server side includes or server side javascript?

Sorry, neither is available.

Does the server support active server pages?

Sorry, active server pages (ASP, PHP) are not supported.

Can I have streaming video on my site?

Sorry, resources are not available at this time to allow streaming video from the homepages server.

Do I have access to MySQL or PostgreSQL or any other database servers?

Sorry, database resources are not available from homepages.

Are backups made of my files in case I inadvertantly overwrite a page?

You are responsible for the back up or archival of your own pages and files.

How long will my pages stay active after I graduate or leave WMU?

Your account, and your pages, will remain active for approximately two years after graduation, or one year after you are no longer enrolled but did not graduate.

How do I remove my pages when I no longer want them displayed?

  • You may use an FTP client to SFTP to, login using your Bronco NetID username and password and then simply delete the pages.

  • Or, you may use the delete your Web site option on the Account Maintenance page (you must still have access to your Bronco NetID and password).

  • If you cannot do that, you may contact the Help Desk at (269) 387-4357, option 1. They will verify your ownership of the account and open a ticket and the Web server admin will then delete the pages.


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