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Getting Started

Account Information

  • Student Web pages are contained within your Bronco NetID account.
  • The server name is
  • Your URL will be where username is your Bronco NetID (e.g.
  • Up to 1 GB disk space.

Editing the Template

If you chose to have the template copied into your area when you registered for homepages, it will be a file called index-template.html located in your homepages account.

  • Using SFTP, download that file to your local hard drive.
  • Open the file with your choice of editor (Dreamweaver, Word, etc. and make your desired changes.
  • Upload the edited file back to your homepages server area.
  • Browse to your page ( where username is your Bronco NetID) and you should now see the page you just edited.

Designing Your Own Web Page

The easiest way to create your own Web page is to use a software package such as Dreamweaver (the recommended and supported product at WMU). Dreamweaver is available for purchase at an educational discount throughthe University's computer store. You may also use Microsoft Word (save as Web Page). Links to resources for using these options are provided below. Whichever method you choose to create your page, you will:

  • Name the page you want people to see when they go to your site index.html or index.htm. If you do not, then people browsing to your site will see a listing of the files in your area which is not something you would likely want them to see.
  • Add pictures to your page by using Insert Image. Be sure you have authorization to use the image if it is not one that you personally own (see copyright information). Also note that you may not use official WMU logos or mastheads on your personal Web pages.
  • Add links to other pages from your page by using Insert Hyperlink.
  • Add a link to your e-mail address by using Insert Email Link.
  • Upload (FTP) your pages to when you are done creating them. You will need to know your Bronco NetID (formerly unified account) username and password.

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