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WMU Student Personal Web Page Rules

Western Michigan University is committed to the ideals of free speech and free exchange of information in electronic mediums. Students are encouraged to experiment with producing personal Web pages within the parameters of these Web Page Rules.

Compliance with the Law, University Policies and Rules

Student Web pages and sites using University resources must comply with all applicable laws and policies and rules of the University, including, but not limited to, the standard policies of MichNet, the Student Conduct Code, the WMU Web Publishing Rules, the Computing Resources Acceptable Use Policy, and the Ethical Treatment of Information Resources .

Using University resources for student personal Web pages or sites is a privilege, not a right. Such use is subject to temporary and/or permanent disablement if the University determines that such utilization of University resources and/or the student's personal Web page or site is in violation of law, policy, or rule; violates or interferes with others' privileges, rights, or use of University resources; and/or interferes with network performance, network access or normal University business.

Identification of Personal Web pages

The Web makes it very easy to copy files and graphics from others. Student Web pages and sites must comply with copyright and other laws relative to the intellectual property rights of others. Students using anyone else's work, image, likeness, or materials (collectively "materials") on a personal Web page or site enabled by the University must comply with all copyright and trademark laws. Students are not permitted to use the University name, trademarks, logos and/or symbols without permission from the apppropriate University representative. Students must provide proof, upon request, of the appropriate permission or authority to use materials appearing on their Web pages or site. Any student Web page that contains materials that the student cannot demonstrate entitlement to use or reproduce is subject to immediate disablement and the student(s) authoring the subject site or Web page shall be subject to all other applicable consequences of using such materials.

Prohibition Against Use for Commercial or Financial Gain

Students may not use Western Michigan University resources to create personal Web sites or pages for commercial or financial gains. Students may provide personal information about themselves, subject to other provisions of these rules. Student Web pages or sites using University resources may provide a link to other Web pages or sites if doing so is in compliance with these rules. Appropriate action will be taken with respect to any sites and/or links that violate these rules, including, but not limited to, disablement of the site and/or link and potential discipline. Advertising or displaying of commercial trademarks, or linking to commercial sites on student personal home pages or sites is prohibited.


The University reserves the right to display all disclaimers it deems appropriate relative to student Web pages or sites utilizing University resources, including, but not limited to, the following statement on the search index to personal pages:

These pages are personal home pages or sites created and maintained solely by the individual authors, not by Western Michigan University. The University does not endorse or actively monitor the content of these home pages. These pages do not constitute official University business or statements, and the University accepts no responsibility for their content. All comments regarding the contents of personal home pages or sites are to be directed to the page or site author(s).

Public Access to Personal Web pages

Students should be aware that personal home pages or sites using University Web servers are subject to one or more powerful search engines. Colleagues and friends, prospective employers, and others may access these sites, and any personal information published is fully accessible from the Web. Students waive any potential privacy rights concerning information they choose to publish on their personal Web pages or sites, and are subject to personal liability, consequences, and/or sanctions if they violate rights of others.

Effectuation and Enforcement of Rules

The University reserves the right to amend and/or supplement these rules, and to establish procedures to further effectuate and enforce these rules.


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