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Student Web Publishing Agreement

To request Web publishing access, please read and accept the agreement below.

I agree that:

  1. Pages published will adhere to the WMU World Wide Web Publishing Rules. If I am a WMU student, my Web pages will also adhere to the WMU Student Web page Rules. To publish Web pages, I may need to learn new tools. Ongoing personal Web page maintenance is my responsibility, as is backing up my files. The home page for my Web site will contain my name and a "mail to: link" with my e-mail address as the contact person for any questions and comments.
  2. I will regularly read my e-mail and respond to questions, suggestions, and problem reports relating to information that is published on my Web site.
Please remember that the quality and timeliness of personal Web site information reflects on the author and the University.

If you agree to the rules contained in the documents listed above, please click on the "I Accept" button below. After accepting the rules, you will be given several features to choose for your Web site. After selecting the features and clicking on the "Set Features Selection" button, you will be asked to provide the username and password of your Bronco NetID (formerly unified) account in order to continue the process and verify your identity. When you successfully enter this information, the registration process is complete.

If you do not agree to these rules, please select "I Decline" which will return you to the previous page.

By clicking on the "I Accept" button, I signify my acceptance of the WMU Web Publishing Agreement.

I Decline

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