My Interests



Sports have been one of the biggest influences and interests in my life. Growing up it was a way to hang out and socialize with friends and family. I enjoyed sports so much that I was successfuly able to include it in my career. The fact that I get paid to watch, write and talk about sports is a dream come true at a very early age.
As a part of my job I get to work closely with the Western Michigan Hockey team. Before coming to WMU as a student I had never attended a college hockey game before and I can not imagine my life with out it now.
Despite growing up and only living in the state of Michigan, my NFL allegiance lies with the Cleveland Browns. The majority of my extended family lives in the northeastern part of Ohio but my fandom mainly stemmed from my godmother, who has been a season ticket holder for decades. Yeah... the Browns aren't very good, but it's never going to stop me from rooting them on.