Ensembles Participated in...

Bronco Marching Band

I have participated in the WMU Bronco Marching Band since 2007. I began playing Baritone and then became Drum Major in 2008. I have been Drum Major since.

This ensemble performs at all WMU home football games and occasionally at away games. During my time in the band we have traveled to such places as Houston, TX (Texas Bowl), Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Notre Dame, and Ford Field. Currently the marching band consists of approximately 300 members. The director is Professor David Montgomery.

Here's a link to a video of the BMB performing "Casino Royale", part of their 007 show. Casino Royale

WMU Symphonic Band

I participated in the WMU Symphonic Band during the Spring semester 2008, Fall semester 2008, and the entire 2009-2010 school year. I played Clarinet in this ensemble.

The WMU Symphonic band is the top ensemble at WMU. It is conducted by Dr. Robert Spradling and typically performs two (2) concerts per semester. Every spring the ensemble tours high schools as a recruitment tool as well as to keep students intersted in band and band literature. It consists of approximately 70 members.

WMU Concert Band

I particpated in the WMU Concert Band during the Fall semester 2007, and Spring semester 2009. I played Clarinet in this ensemble.

The WMU Concert Band is an ensemble that is not "music major specific". Anyone can audition for this ensemble and it usually consists of approximately 85 people. The concert band performs two (2) concerts per semester as well as performing for the "Music Appreciation Live" class. This ensemble is conducted by Dr. John Lychner during the Fall Semester and Professor David Montgomery during the Spring Semester.

Center Stage Theatre

I have participated in three (3) shows at Center Stage Theatre. I played clarinet, bass clarinet, and flute for their production of "Beauty and the Beast" in the Summer 2008. I then played Clarinet and miscellanous percussion for the production "Jesus Christ Superstar" during Spring 2009. My latest performance with this group was when I conducted the pit orchestra for the production "Peter Pan" during the summer 2009.

Kalamazoo Central High Schoo


I have only participated in one (1) show with the Kalamazoo Central High School drama department, "Little Women" which was performed in the Fall 2010.



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