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Higher Education Journals and Publications

There are myriad peer reviewed journals and other publications that related to higher education. The Higher Education Resource Hub has an excellent list of them, as well as links to archives of college and university information, the ASHE/AERA higher education syllabus project, Higher Education program information, and much more. Check it out!
The Journal of Higher Education is one of the oldest and leading scholarly journals on the institution of higher education. Articles combine disciplinary methods with critical insight to investigate issues important to faculty, administrators, and program managers.

The Review of Higher Education is another leading journal of research on higher education, and is the journal of ASHE -- the Association for the Study of Higher Education. It publishes articles, essays, and reviews that advance the study of colleges and universities.
The Journal of General Education addresses the general education concerns of community colleges, four-year colleges, universities, and state systems. The audience for the journal is faculty, administrators, and policymakers interested in issues of general education.

Research in Higher Education is the journal of AIR -- the Assocation for Institutional Research. It publishes "original, quantitative research articles which contribute to an increased understanding of an institution, aid faculty in making more informed decisions about current or future operations, and improve the efficiency of an institution."

The Journal of Excellence in College Teaching is a peer-reviewed journal published at Miami University by and for faculty at universities and two- and four-year colleges to increase student learning through effective teaching, interest in and enthusiasm for the profession of teaching, and communication among faculty about their classroom experiences. It answers Ernest Boyer's (1990) call for a forum to present the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Thought and Action is the National Education Association's peer reviewed higher education journal, and focuses on theoretical and practical information on issues in higher education that are important to faculty and staff.

This is just a sample -- by no means comprehensive! Check out the Education Resources Information Center for a searchable database of journal articles, conference papers, policy reports, and other writing on higher education.

  Magazines and Newspapers focused on Higher Education

Change is a well-known bi-monthly magazine dealing with contemporary issues in higher education. Aimed at reflective practitioners in colleges, universities, corporations, government, and elsewhere, Change spotlights trends, provides new insights and ideas, and analyzes the implications of educational programs and practices.

Academe is the American Association of University Professors' bi-monthly magazine for faculty about faculty life and other important issues in higher education.

The Chronicle of Higher Education Is the weekly newspaper of Higher Education, and the primary source for position announcements for jobs in higher education.