On-line Articles

The WMU library is a great source for resources for the study of literature. The library collects many academic journals in literary studies where thoughtful essays can be read by undergraduates as well as graduate students and professors.

The key to accessing this information is the MLA (Modern Literature Assocation) Bibliography, where thousands of literary journals are searched in a matter of seconds, and, many articles can be found that are are available either full-text on-line, in journals on our library shelves (search for the call number by the journal title), or can be ordered from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan.

From the WMU library home page you can find the MLA Bibliography under "M" in the "A-Z List of Databases." Use your WMU unified account name and password to enter.

Searching the MLA Bibliography is easy. For example, using "Things Fall Apart" as a keyword search, in Sept. 2011 432 articles were immediately identified on this novel. Many of these articles from leading journals are available instantly in full-text--it will indicate on the reference that they are available in html or pdf format. Simply click and they open up. Your search will also show articles that can be found on the library shelves. Go to the library and find them!

Excellent journals for these articles include Research in African Literatures, College Literature, Studies in the Novel, though helpful essays can certainly be found in other journals. There are also casebooks and collections that reprint articles on the novel, including a recent Norton Critical Edition with many articles included.

The availability of this high level scholarship is a great asset. Take advantage of it as a way to deepen your own thinking. (And when you use ideas in your papers, be sure to footnote the source!)

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Revised: 9/11