Solutions Project

The Solutions Project can be undertaken in groups of three to six students. Students will select their own project related to a topic addressed in course reading. Projects will be developed / reported / published on via a public wiki, created at Wikispaces.

At the time of the meeting for the final exam for this course students will present their project to the rest of the class. The written part of the project should be at minimum the rough equivalent of ten pages per participant. Your wiki should be richly informative, deeply connected to relevant resources, demonstrate collaboration and meaningful action.

The solutions projects should have the following features:

  1. Research that richly and carefully analyzes the problem addressed. (20 pts)
  2. Collaboration with organizations, experts, and Africans. (30 pts)
  3. Plan or program of action for your participation in a "solution." (10 pts)
  4. Report on steps undertaken. This report can take many forms including journals, observations, documents, photos, film, interviews, etc. (40 pts)

All students are expected to demonstrate the finest skills of collaboration and team work. Each student will submit a two-page analysis of their work and propose a final grade for the project, subject to professor modification.

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Revised: 9/11