Study Questions for
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

Excerpt from How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

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Who was Walter Rodney?

Chap 2.

  • What was Africa like before colonization?
    (Who was “civilized,” who “savage”?)

Chap 4.

  • What was the impact of the slave trade on Africa?

Chap 5.

  • How did Africa contribute to the development of Europe? (What happened to the profits from slavery? Who profited from colonialism?)
  • How did taxes work to dominate Africans?
  • What was (is) the “international division of labor” and how did it work to keep Africans poor?

Chap 6.

  • Who got the benefit of the social services provided under colonialism?
  • How did “economic development” take place in Africa?
  • What happened to African political development?
  • What was the effect on women of colonization?
  • What about the myth that tribes had long histories of animosity and when the colonial power left they turned to killing each other?
  • 6.3. What was education like in Africa before colonization?
  • What educational system did the colonizers put in place?
  • What was the content of that education? Why?
  • What was the role of missionaries?
  • Why does Rodney think that the most important principle of colonial education was “individualism”? What was the effect of individualism?


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