Fall 2018

Engl 1100 Literary Interpretation

ENVS 4120/Engl 4970: Cultural Studies and Climate Change

Previous Semesters

Engl 1100: Literary Interpretation

Engl 2230: African American Literature

Engl 2790: Introduction to English Education

Engl 3110: Our Place in Nature

Engl 3120: Western World Literature

Engl 3140: African Literature

ENVS 4120/Engl 4970: Cultural Studies and Climate Change

Engl 4790: Teaching Writing in Secondary Schools

Engl 4800: Teaching Literature in Secondary Schools

Engl 5390: Postcolonial Literature

Engl 5830: Multicultural Literature for Adolescents

Engl 5970: Literature on the Web

Engl 5970: Teaching English Using Technology

Engl 6100: Studying & Teaching Multicultural Literature

Engl 6100: Colonialism and National Identity

Engl 6440: Studies in the Novel

Engl 6780 English Ed Seminar: Teaching Climate Change

Engl 6800: Advanced Methods in Teaching Literature

Engl 6910: Research and Scholarship in English Education