Final Exam

At the time scheduled for the final I will post 3 of the following questions on the board. You will have 2 hours to write on 2 of the 3 questions.

Your answer should show a deep and thoughtful understanding of the topic and significantly address and analyze the texts named in the question. You are also encouraged to refer to additional texts, films, and speakers that we have encountered (a complete list is below) to flesh out or elaborate your points. I recommend that you use the full time allowed and make your answers as complete as possible.

The test is closed book and no notes. Bring blank paper and a pencil or pen.

I strongly encourage you to work with other students to prepare for this test. I think preparing for the exam you will see that we have learned a tremendous amount in this class, and that studying for the final can actually be intellectually exciting and, even, fun!


Final Exam Questions

1. How does the setting influence the narrative? Compare and contrast Gold Dust and Memed My Hawk.

2. How is family life portrayed? Compare and contrast Aunt Safiyya and the Monastery and Does My Head Look Big in This?

3. How is religion portrayed? Compare Gold Dust and and "Metallic Crocodile."

4. What are challenges faced by women and how do they address them? Compare Two Women and The Year of the Elephant OR address Does My Head Look Big in This? and Arranged.

5. What is the experience of oppression and how is it resisted? Compare Paradise Now and Memed, My Hawk.

6. What are the causes and/or consequences of war? Compare and contrast "Life Under Saddam," "Five Years of My Life," and "Sami and the Time of Troubles."

7. What is the portrayal of Israel in Waltzing with Bashir and Paradise Now?

8. What do we learn from these texts about law, rights and customs in Egypt? War in the Land of Egypt, "The Lawsuit" and "The Long Term Plan."

9. What do these texts tell us about marriage and relationships? Compare and contrast "Beheading the Cat," The Year of the Elephant, and Arranged.


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