Final Reading List

Fall 2009

(Reading entirely student selected
except for Aunt Safiyya and the Monastery)

Novels / Memoirs

Aunt Safiyya and the Monastery (124 pages, available on-line)

War in the Land of Egypt (180 pages)

Gold Dust (140 pages, handed out in class)

The Year of the Elephant (70 pages)

Memed, My Hawk (369 pages, 249 pages to focus on: 1-96, 166-92, 244-371, most on-line)

Does My Head Look Big in This? (teen novel, 360 pages, on-line)

from Escape from Saddam (130 pages, handed out in class)


Short Stories / Poems / Short Non-Fiction / Children's Lit

"The Lawsuit" and "The Long Term Plan" (handed out in class)

"Beheading the Cat" and "Metallic Crocodile" (handed out in class)

"Sleeping in the Forest" (handed out in class)

Day of Ahmed's Secret and Sami and the Times of Troubles (handed out in class)

"Women of Courage" (handed out in class)

from "Five Years of My Life" (first page title "Peshawar, Pakistan") (handed out in class)


Films / Video Clips

Reel Bad Arabs (YouTube)

Blood and Oil (YouTube)

Road To Love (in class)

Paradise Now (YouTube)

Arranged (in class)

Two Women (in class)

Killing in the Name of Honor (in class)

Talk to an Iraqi (in class)

Waltzing with Bashir (in class)


Nine Parts of Desire (optional, WMU production)


Class Speakers

Imam Kalamazoo Islamic Center (at KIC mosque)

Dr. Mustafa Mughazi

Dr. Mustafa Mirzeler

Gular Hussain

Hanan Aly

Monica Eraqi



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