Literary Interpretation

This class serves an introduction to a major or minor in English and it also meets general education requirements for the Fine Arts Distribution Area 1. The course is described in the Undergraduate Catalog as:

An introduction to the study of literature, aimed at developing abilities to read literature and write about it with skill, sensitivity, and care. Students will read poetry, drama, and prose fiction, and through writing of several papers will be introduced to terms and methods of the formal study of literature.

My objectives for English 1100 include:

To increase enjoyment, interest, confidence, and skill in reading, discussing, and writing about literature.

To develop knowledge of the vocabulary of literary analysis and the genres of poetry, fiction, drama, and creative non-fiction.

To enhance ability to read with close attention 1) to language, form, and meaning, 2) to historical, cultural, social and political context, and 3) to one's own experience and perspective.

To develop familiarity with different scholarly practices and theoretical frameworks for reading literature.

To improve writing, especially analytical skills, logical reasoning, use of library sources, and ease, clarity, and gracefulness of expression.

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