Individual Research

& Group Leadership

Individual Research:

  • Carefully examine the list of literary works in the area your group has chosen, select the equivalent of at least two novel-length (200-300 pages) works. Choose works that you think you would enjoy, that would help you better understand life in the area under study, and/or that might appeal to younger readers. Novels, short stories, plays, poetry, graphic novels, are all appropriate choices. Verify with group members that there is no overlap in your selections. Check works out from the library or purchase and begin reading as soon as possible. If the work is not appealing to you, drop it, and start one that you enjoy. Your decision-making will be the basis of the book that will go to hundreds of teachers and, thus, thousands of students.
  • Carefully examine descriptions of films, select and view two films using the same procedure as with the reading. The films should be authentic works from the region (usually with subtitles!). Avoid Hollywood-type productions.
  • Write a blog post on each the literary works read and films viewed.

Group Leadership:

  • Work together to coordinate individual research.
  • Drawing on your individual research as a group select one or more literary works, and one or more films, that your group believes should be assigned to other students in the class. Your group could require everyone to read the same work or break our class into groups reading/viewing different works. Obtain approval from the professor for your decisions and inform the class of selection and how to get copies.
  • Divide up background research on the works you have chosen in order to gather good resources for the unit you will be leading supporting the literary work and film. You might include Internet sites, YouTube clips, library materials, speakers, other resources.
  • Design a unit three class meetings long. Include teaching materials (discussion, blog, and study questions, possible paper topics, "terms to know," etc.) and additional resources/materials from your research for the class to read/view.
  • Review the plan with the professor.
  • Plan and execute leadership of the unit.

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