English Teacher Film/Popular Culture Analysis

This paper analyzes the portrayal of an English teacher in a film, documentary, or other popular culture resource.

Carefully examine the representation of the English classroom and teacher.

Consider questions such as:

-- What is the school like? How are the students presented? Are there race/class issues? Is the presentation stereotyped or nuanced?

-- What challenges does the teacher face? How does s/he address those challenges?

-- How is the main character/teacher contrasted with other teachers? Is the teacher an isolated hero fighting the system or a professional working together with others? Are administrators villians or allies?

-- How is the discipline/content of English represented? What lesson plans/strategies are shown to fail and what are show to be effective?

-- What messages are conveyed about teaching/learning English in secondary schools? What is your analysis of these messages? Do they reinforce or challenge stereotypes about teaching English? How accurate are they? Do they make you want to become a teacher?

While the paper should address the overall impact of the film, it should also do some analysis of specific scenes, and include film "close reading" -- ie. consider details such as wardrobe, lighting, camera angle, sound track, special effects, location of shots, transitions, etc.

Your paper should show careful writing, revision, and editing, and be at least 4 pages long.

Include a paragraph of self-evaluation that describes the strengths and weaknesses of the paper and proposes a grade.

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