Final Exam: Reflections on Teaching English

The final exam asks you to draw on your best thinking, your analysis of yourself, and what you have studied and learned across the semester to reflect on the career of teaching secondary English. (If you are an English minor you can also weave in discussion about your intended major if you want.)

Someone once said to me that the most important ways a person prepares to be a teacher are the things they do beyond the requirements of the university classes they have to take.

1) What content knowledge about literature, writing, and English language arts do you think important for an English teacher to have? How can you further develop your content knowledge of English to prepare to be a secondary teacher?

2) What dispositions are important for an English teacher to have? Carefully analyze yourself. Do you have those dispositions? How can you further develop your dispositions?  (By "disposition" I mean the attitudes, perceptions, or beliefs that form the basis for being a successful English teacher.)

3) We've learned about the tests you need to pass, the courses you get to take, and what you need to earn a deree and teaching certificate.  What can you do beyond tests and course work to prepare yourself to be a teacher? What learning might you undertake outside of school to prepare for this career? What teaching-related jobs or volunteer opportunities appeal to you and might help you become a better teacher?  How might you become involved with professional teacher activities, materials, and organizations even before you are certified?

4) After taking this class, what most appeals to you about teaching English? What concerns do you have?

5)  If, after taking this class, you are still planning to go into teaching, what challenges do you foresee for your yourself in regard to becoming an English teacher?  How might these be addressed? -- If you are thinking not to beome a teacher, why not? What field are you thinking of going into and why is it appealing?

Created by: allen.webb@wmich.edu
Revised Date: 11/17