English Teacher Observation / Interview

For this assignment you will need to identify a secondary English teacher teaching any grade from 6 to 12.  The assignment has two parts.

1. Observe several complete class periods of one or more teachers.  Write a description of what you observe, including the students, class activity, and the teacher(s). Recognizing that in a short visit there is much that you don't know, analyze what you do observe.  What seems to go well?  What challenges are there? Does your observation fit with or contradict what we have been learning?

2. Interview the teacher(s) for at least 20 mins.  What do they most enjoy about teaching English?  How do they compare teaching with other career paths that they might have taken?  How do they continue to learn and grow in the profession? Record the conversation or take notes.  Describe the teacher's ideas and comment on them.

Your paper should show careful writing, revision, and editing, and be at least 8 pages long.

Include a paragraph of self-evaluation that describes the strengths and weaknesses of the paper and proposes a grade.

Here are suggestions I make for observing a class discussion.

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