Professional Issue Presentation

Drawing on what you are learning in our class, identify a particular theory, practice, approach, methodology, or issue in the teaching of secondary English that you would like to learn more about.

Independently research this topic in professional journals (including the English Journal, available in full text online through our library) and relevant professional books and websites.

Prepare a five-minute multimedia presentation using Powerpoint or Prezi to inform the rest of the class about your topic.

1) Explain the topic carefully, 2) include examples, 3) address controversy, and 4) include a slide with a bibliography of relevant sources.

Your presentation also needs to include a one-page handout with key information you want the rest of the class to take away, and key resources for further investigation. Bring enough copies for all students and the professor.

Rehearse your presentation, stick to the five-minute time, and use outstanding Powerpoint presentation skills!

Don't just read your slides! Study these resources to learn about creating a good presentation: Top Ten Slide Tips, Tips for Effective Presentations.

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Revised Date: 2/19