Update to 2016 Presentation

Bill McKibbon wrote Eaarth in 2009.  What has been happening to our planet in those short seven years? Are the changes McKibbon describes still occurring?  Is the evidence stronger or weaker for global warming? What are the possible consequences for the future?

For this assignment you will chose one of the topics below and drawing on extensive and careful online research (you are also encouraged to go to the library!) you will create an (outstanding!) five-minute Powerpoint or Prezi presentation updating us to the present.

1.  Explain the topic, its seriousness and its connection to global warming.
2.  Provide examples, images, and graphs that update us to the present.
3.  If there is controversy explain it.
4.  Draw conclusions about the accuracy/relevance of the information provided in Eaarth.
5.  Include a slide with a bibliography of relevant sources.

Your presentation also needs to include a one-page handout with key information you want the rest of the class to take away, and relevant resources for further investigation. Bring enough copies for all students and the professor.

Rehearse your presentation, stick to the five-minute time, and use outstanding Powerpoint presentation skills! (Be sure to study and follow the suggestions at this link!)


World temperatures


World hunger

Methane from permafrost & livestock

Arctic sea ice

Greenland / Antarctica glacial melting

Parts per million in the atmosphere of CO2 / How fast do we need to cut fossil fuel use? How fast are we cutting it?

Available/ Identified carbon reserves (oil, coal, gas) vs. allowable carbon use to stay below 2 C

Animal & Plant extinctions

Ocean acidification & coral reefs, fisheries, etc.

Amazon and global deforestation

HurricanesForest fires


Pine Beetles

Accomplishments and limitations of 2015 Paris conference

Cost and availability of wind & solar

Government subsidies for fossil fuel industry

Fossil fuel divestment movement, esp at colleges incl. WMU

Predictions about speed of sea-level rise

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Revised Date: 1/16