Literature on the Web
Hypertext Reading Assignment

This is an assignment to explore a variety of hypertext works available on the web. Starting Points: Michael Joyce's Online Hypertext, Yahoo's Hypertext Fiction List, Folden, Canadian Content Online Poetry, Search-Info.Older sites: Michael Schumante's Hypertext Fiction Index, On-Line Reading Room Interactive Fiction, 101 Magazine, Eastgate's Hypertext Resources on the Web, Text Electric Hyperfiction Index, Michael Joyce On-line Hypertext, Michael Joyce's Afternoon,

Pay attention to how hypertext functions.

What is it asking you to do as a reader?
How is it like and unlike more traditional works of fiction you have read?
Why might the author have choosen to write in hypertext?
What is gained and lost by having this work as a hypertext?
How would you compare the literary quality of this work to other works you have read?

Choose one work of hypertext fiction and prepare a presentation about your work for the class. Make it possible for the other students to get a taste of the work. Share your answers to the questions above regarding this piece.