Responding to Student Paper Assignment

This is an assignment for you to:

1) respond to a real secondary student's paper, or papers, including giving them a grade, just as you would as their teacher; then,

2) to write an analysis of the student's writing, and especially a justification of the way you responded to it, drawing on your own thinking and the reading and research you have done.

Turn in both piece together. Your analysis paper should be at least five pages in length.

In the Middle and Teaching to Exceed are crucial resources for this assignment. Teaching for Joy and Justice may also be helpful. And, there are many resources to help you think abut responding to student writing. Here are a few pretty good ones:

Adolescent Literacy.org

Peter Elbow

Carnegie Mellon Center for Teaching Excellence

U Washington Writing Center

Refer to your reading for class and these resources in your paper as you describe the decisions you made.

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Revised Date: 5/13