Computer Conference

The computer conference, "English-Teacher," hosted on WMU's OIT Confer will add a rich discussion forum to our course.

Your entries should be thoughtful and respond to the ideas of other students. Reading student entries is as important as entering your own responses.

It is important to start early and keep up with the conference. Use professional manners, while being informal at the same time. Don't "flame" other people's responses -- it is often a good idea to reread an entire item before reacting too quickly to an upsetting comment from another student.

For fall and spring semesters aim to enter 36,000 characters by the end of the semester to earn an "A" on the confer component of the course. (For summer semester 30,000.) Previous experience indicates this requires a regular time commitment of at least 30 mins per week, or twice that in summer.

Be mindful of how this electronic conference format extends our discussions because you may want to consider on-line communities for your own teaching using an on-line resource such as Nicenet.org.

Created by: allen.webb@wmich.edu
Revised Date: 4/05