Literature on the Web

The creative culmination of our course will be the creation by each student of a literary MOO environment and the publishing of that MOO on the WMU Secondary Worlds site. Choose a work of literature you know well and build a MOO, a text-based virtual reality environment that students or lovers of that same work of literature could enter into and engage in a "holodeck" experience!

As you learn about MOOs you will want to learn MOO Commands. We will be building in a MOO environment created by Encore, so look at Encore MOO Commands.

Drawing on the models created by Robert Rozema's Brave New World and 1984 MOOs and Cara Arver's Lord of the Flies MOO, your MOO should attempt to capture the feel, environment, and experience of the literary work that inspires it.

Your MOO should contain at least 5 linked and well-described rooms, several intellectually meaningful activities for visitors authentically related to the literary text, and a least 5 images that allow you to create an immersive virtual environment. (You may find helpful images at Literary Locales.)

Present your MOO to the class describe how visitors will use the MOO and proceedures they will follow and give us a demonstration!