Action Project

I once heard Kwame Ture (aka Stokely Carmichael) say, when he was speaking at Kalamazoo College, that if you want to make a difference what you need to do is join a group.

Working individually or in teams develop a climate movement and/or messaging project developed in collaboration with a particular climate change group or organization and that attempts to make a difference either at the local or larger level.

We will brainstorm many possibilities in class.  One example might include focusing on a particular climate change action group and 1) writing an analysis of strategy or messaging, then 2) developing a climate change media project concept(s) and/or materials, and/or 3) organizing a local climate change event, funding, or membership drive.

At the time set for the final exam you will make a Powerpoint presentation about the action project work that you undertook and provide me with abat least 3 pages of writing of a self-evaluation that spells out what you specifically did, what you feel you accomplished, what you might have done differently, and what grade you should receive.


Created by: allen.webb@wmich.edu
Revised Date: 9/16