Food & Literature Final Project

Extensive class discussion led to the creation of this final class project list of possibilities and the wiki CollegeCookbook.

CollegeCookbook.wikispaces.com:  A college student cookbook and information source that includes not only wonderful recipes, but also real educational information related to food, food industry, food inequality, healthy food, and food literature and culture.   Writing is addressed to fellow college students, is high quality, and well researched.  Pages include links to sources and additional information and images – and follow “netiquette,” images are linked to source, links are by site title, etc.

Choose at least one of the following

1.  Prepare 2-3 recipes for CollegeCookbook..  Each recipe should include 2-4 paragraphs (at least 300 words) addressing some kind of food issue / literature at least tangentially related to the recipe (food systems, food justice, health, literary, film or other cultural reference, etc.)  Bring at least one cooked version of recipe to class to share with at least 5 people & get their comments / rating, also to be included on wiki page.  We need students who both like to cook and students who don’t like to cook to create these recipes!

2.  Food price research visit at least 4 dramatically diverse stores to do price, quality, and source research on 4-5 basic food items, ideally items would be related to recipes on CollegeCookbook, write up findings on wiki.  Research should include at least one “food desert” source.

4.  Volunteer at Loaves and Fishes, the Food Co-op, or any other food related organization for at least 5 hours.  Do some research on volunteering/interning in food related organizations or industry, write up experience and research for the wiki.

5.  Make a substantial presentation to the class on a topic of food and culture, and create a corresponding wiki page (example: food and video games).

6.  Develop 5+ quality wiki pages addressing topics from our class.

7.  Take significant leadership organizing, designing, and developing CollegeCookbook and prepare 1-2 recipes (following expectations above)

8. Work with the campus sustainability project and their launch of a new health food restaurant in the student center.

9.  Propose your own food project!

Due at time of final exam: 2-page summary of  (1) the work you did on the project, (2) what you learned from the project and (3) a grade you propose for you on the project.  (The professor reserves the right to accept or not your proposed grade.)


Created by: allen.webb@wmich.edu
Revised Date: 4/14