Parent/Guardian Page
for Teacher Websites

Their are many things you might want to put on a page for parents:

  • An invitation to be in contact with you and how to reach you;
  • An expression of openess to their ideas for the success of their student;
  • An invitation to be involved with the course, read along, visit the class;
  • Information about you and aspects of your philosophy relevant to parents;
  • Your ideas about homework and how parents can support student homework;
  • Information about school PTA or parent organizations;
  • And other ideas you think appropriate - double check spelling!

You might also want to have a list of websites helpful to parents. The following sites are some of the possibilities. Feel free to include these on your own teaching web site. Find others!

The National Education Association resources for parents.

The national Parent-Teacher Organization fosters parent involvement in education.

Parent Success features parenting tips and strategies.

Parenting Adolescents has free expert advice on parenting teenagers.

Kid's Health is a site devoted to children's health information.

Safekids helps parents address issues of safety on the internet.

Making Lemonade is a web site that is a resource for single parents.

Fathers' World is web site resource for fathers.

Parents Helping Parents is a site for parents of special needs children.

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays has a lot of information for parents about young people questioning their sexual orientation.

Divorce Survival Guide is a site to help parents through divorce.

College Savings is a site for helping parents plan for college expenses.


Created by: allen.webb@wmich.edu
Revised Date: 7/14