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Professional Reading List

Teaching Literature in Secondary Schools

Adolescent Literature as a Compliment to the Classics Vol. I, II, III (1995-7)

Adolescent Literature: Making Connections with Teens. Kelly and Self. (NCTE 1994)

Adolescent Literature: Response and Analysis. Probst, Robert. (Merrill 1984)

Art of Workplace English: A Curriculum for All Students. Kent, Richard (Heinemann, 1988)

Beyond the Culture Wars: How Teaching the Conflicts Can Revitalize American Education. Graff, Gerald (Norton, 1992)

Clearing the Way: Working with Teenage Writers. Romano, Tom. (Heinemann, 1987)

Conflict and Connection: The Psychology of Young Adult Literature. Stringer, Sharon. (Heinemann, 1997

Composing a Teaching Life. Vinz, Ruth. (Boynton/Cook, 1996)

Creative Reading: What It Is, How To Do It, and Why. Padgett, Ron. (NCTE 1997)

Critical Teaching and Everyday Life. Shore, Ira. (1987)

Critical Teaching and the Idea of Literacy. Knobloch and Brannon (1995)

Critical Theory and the Teaching of Literature: Politics, Curriculum, Pedagogy. Slevin (NCTE 1996)

Crossing Over: Whole Language for Secondary English Teachers.. Foster, Harold. (Harcourt Brace (1994)

Crossing the Mainstream: Multicultural Perspectives on Teaching Literature. Olive, Eileen (NCTE, 1994)

Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know. Hirsch, E.D. (Houghton, 1987)

Cultural Reflections: Critical Teaching and Learning in the English Classroom. Gaughan, John. (Heinemann, 1998)

Curriculum as Conversation: Transforming Traditions of Teaching and Learning. Arthur Applebee. (U Chicago P, 1996)

Envisioning Literature: Literary Understanding and Literature Instruction. Langer, Judith. (SUNY Press, 1995).

Explorations in the Teaching of English. Tchudi, Stephen. (HarperCollins, 1989)

Falling Into Theory: Conflicting Views on Reading Literature. Richter, David. (1994)

Global Perspectives on Teaching Literature: Shared Visions and Distinctive Voices. Lott, Sandra (NCTE, 1993)

How Porcupines Make Love III: Readers, Texts, Cultures, Purves, Alan. (1995)

How English Teachers Get Taught: Methods of Teaching the Methods Class. Samgorinsky and Whiting (NCTE 1995)

How to Handle the Paper Load: Classroom Practices in Teaching English. Stanford, Gene. (NCTE, 1979)

I am the Book (NCTE 1998)

I Won't Learn From You and Other Thoughts on Creative Maladjustment. Kohl, Herbert. (1994)

Illumination Rounds: Teaching the Literature of the Viet Nam War. Johannessen, Larry. (NCTE 1992)

In the Middle: Writing, Reading, and Learning with Adolescents. Atwell, Nancie. (Heinemann, revised 1998)

Interpreting Young Adult Literature: Literary Theory in the Secondary Classroom. (Heinemann, 1997)

June Jordan's Poetry for the People: A Revolutionary Blueprint (1995)

Just Teach Me, Mrs. K: Talking, Reading, and Writing with Resistant Adolescent Learners. Krogness, Mary. (Heinemann, 1995).

Language and Reflection: An Integrated Approach to Teaching English. Gere, Anne (Macmillian, 1992)

The Last Closet , Kissen, Rita. (Heinemann: 1996)

Lies My Teacher Told Me, Loewen, James. (Touchstone: 1995)

Literary Theory: An Introduction. Eagleton, Terry. (1983, revised 1996?)

Literature as Exploration. Rosenblatt, Louise. (MLA 1991)

Literature Circles. Harvey Daniels.

Literature in the Classroom: Readers, Texts, and Contexts. Nelms, Ben. (NCTE 1988)

Literature for Democracy: Reading as a Social Act. Pradl, Gordon. (Heinemann, 1996)

Lives on the Boundary. Rose, Mike (Penguin, 1989)

Making Conversation: Collaborating with Colleagues for Change. Larson, Mark. (Heinemann, 1997)

Making the Journey: On Being and Becoming a Teacher of the English Language Arts. Leila Christenbury (Boynton/Cook 1993)

Multiculturalism into Cultural Studies. Edgerton, Susan. (Routledge, 1995)

Multiple Voices, Multiple Texts: Reading in the Secondary Content Areas. Dornan, Wilson, Rosen. (Heinemann, 1988)

Narration as Knowledge: Tales of the Teaching Life. Trimmer, Joseph (Heinemann, 1988).

Other People's Children: White Teachers, Students of Color, and Cultural Conflicts in the Classroom. Delpit, Lisa (1995).

Reel Conversations: Reading Films with Young Adults. Teasley and Wilder. (Heinemann, 1996)

Reading Across Cultures: Teaching Literature in a Diverse Society. Roberts and Soter. (NCTE 1997)

Reading Stephen King: Issues of Censorship, Student Choice, and Popular Culture. (NCTE 1997)

Reading the Movies: Twelve Great Films and How to Teach Them. Costanzo, William. (NCTE 1992)

Reading Their World: The Young Adult Novel in the Classroom. Monseau and Salvner. (Heinemann, 1997)

Redrawing the Boundaries: The Transformation of English and American Literary Studies. Grenblatt, Stephen, (1992)

Responding to Young Adult Literature. Monseau, Virginia. (Heinemann, 1996)

Rethinking Our Classrooms: Teaching for Equity and Social Justice. Bigelow, Bill, Linda Christiansen, Stan Karp, Barbara Miner and Bob Peterson, Eds. (1994).

Reshaping High School English. Pirie, Bruce (NCTE 1997)

Responding to Young Adult Literature. Monseau, Virginia. . (Heinemann, 1996)

Rethinking American Literature. Brannon and Greene (NCTE 1997)

Seeking Diversity: Language Arts with Adolescents. Reif, Linda. (Heinemann, 1992)

Shakespeare Among Schoolchildren: Approaches for Secondary Classroom. Rygiel, Mary Ann (NCTE 1992)

Side by Side: Essays on Teaching to Learn. Atwell, Nancie. (Heinemann, 1991)

Situations: A Casebook of Virtual Realities for the English Teacher. Wagner and Larson (Boynton/Cook, 1994)

Small Victories: The Real World of a Teacher, Her Students, and Their High School. Friedman (Harper, 1991)

Sometimes a Shinning Moment, Eliot Wigginton (1985)

Sounds from the Heart: Learning to Listen to Girls. Barbieri, Mareen. (Heinemann, 1995)

Standards in Practice Grades 9-12. Smagorinsky. (NCTE: 1996)

Standards in Practice Grades 6-8. Wilhelm. (NCTE: 1996)

Student-Centered Language Arts, K-12. (Heinemann, 1992).

Talking Back to Shakespeare. Rozett, Martha Tuck (NCTE, 1995)

Teaching Literature in Middle School: Fiction . (NCTE 1996)

Teaching Literature in High School: The Novel. (NCTE 1995)

Teaching Literature in the Secondary School. Beach and Marshall (Harcourt 1993)

Teaching Shakespeare Today: Practical Approaches and Productive Strategies. Davis and Salomone. (NCTE 1993)

Teaching the Universe of Discourse. Moffett, James. (Heinemann, 1983)

Teaching and Testimony: Rigoberta Menchu and the North American Classroom. Carey-Webb & Benz (1996)

Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom. hooks, bell (Routledge)

The Triumph of Literature / The Fate of Literacy. Willinsky, John. (Teachers College 1991))

Understanding Unreliable Narrators: Reading Between the Lines in the Literature Classroom. Smith, Michael. (NCTE 1991)

Unlocking Shakespeare's Language: Help for the Teacher and Student. Robinson, Randall. (NCTE, 1988)

A Teacher's Introduction to Deconstruction. Crowley, Sharon (NCTE 1989)

A Teacher's Introduction to Reader-Response Theories. Beach, Richard. (NCTE 1993)

Time for Meaning: Crafting Literate Lives in Middle School and High School. Boomer, Randy. (Heinemann, 1995)

Tradition and Reform in the Teaching of English: A History. Applebee, Arthur. (1974)

Uncommon Sense. Mayher, J.S. (Boynton/Cook, 1990)

Uncovering the Curriculum: Whole Language in Secondary and Postsecondary Classrooms. Strickland (1993)

Young Adult Literature: The Heart of the Middle School Curriculum. Stover, Lisa. (Heinemann, 1996)

A People's History of the United States. Zinn, Howard. (1980)

Weaving in the Women: Transforming the High School English Curriculum. Whaley and Dodge (Heinemann, 1995)

Will My Name be Shouted Out? Stephen O'Conner (1997)

Writing with Passion: Life Stories, Multiple Genres. Romano, Tom. (Heinemann, 1995)

You Gotta be the Book. Wilhelm, Jeff. (NCTE, 1997)

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