Web Resources Assignment

For this assignment you will closely examine two web resources, one for English teachers and one for English students. I have identified some excellent content focused web resources as well as professional organization sites for teachers. You should look at as many of these as you can and then choose one of each type to focus on.

(I also welcome you heading out on your own--help me expand my list! Can you find good sites on English content, literature, culture, writing, etc.?)

Write the equivalent of one page on each resource and post this page on the appropriate item on the class confer. Please include a hyperlink to the sites you are analyzing (on the confer, type "http://" before the web address and a hyperlink will be automatically created.

How would this site serve as a useful resources for teachers (or students)? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this site for teaching and learning secondary English? Are they pedagogically sound?

Prepare to present your selected websites to the class. Some of these sites are huge--what pages will be most important for us to see? What do you want to say about these pages? Help us think critically and carefully about content and delivery.

From your own research and that of your classmates, collect the best resources and include links and brief annotations to these sites on your website on both your student and teacher pages.

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Revised Date: 9/03