Western Michigan University

ED 430: Creativity in the Classroom

Allison Downey

Diane Eberts

Text: Creating Meaning Through Literature and the Arts
4pm: Group Chapter Presentation Sign Up Sheet:

Wednesday, October 22nd:
ART Integration Group Presentation: (Ch. 5-6)

Amber Kuipers
Alyssa Stocker
Kjerste Jackson
Matt Schlutt

Wednesday, October 29th :
MUSIC Integration Group Presentation (Ch.11-12):

Meg Jobson
Brianna Conroy
Deanna Fulton
Andrea Smith
Holly Peachey
Tamara Bess

Wednesday, November 5th:
DANCE Integration Group Presentation (Ch. 9-10):

Molly Naliwajko
Sara Hinshaw
Ashley Trylick
Stephanie Herblet
Aimee Sankiewicz
Erica Vanstaveren

Monday, November 10th :
LITERATURE Integration Group Presentation (Ch.3-4):

Joyce Tone
Autumn Labby
Audrey Swartz
Alison Morency
Beth Iliff
Charlotte Brigham

Wednesday, November 12th:
DRAMA Integration Group Presentation (Ch.7-8)

Mo Lindsay
Cheryl Cook
Shannon Brodie
Karly Runels
Dawn Hansen
Cece Schulz

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