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ED 430: Creativity in the Classroom

Allison Downey

Diane Eberts

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ED 430: 2pm / 4pm?


Number of Players: 4-40+

Age Range: From 5 up

Time: 10-40 min. (depending on number of groups, and teacher objectives)

Space Requirements: Need open space for movement. Indoors or outdoors. Easily played in the classroom if desks are moved.

Materials: Slips of paper with appliance names written, and a hat or envelope to pull the names out of.

Directions: Divide players into groups of at least four, up to six. Each group will be informed which appliance they will "become." Have one member of each group pick a slip of paper, with the names of the appliance listed, out of a hat, envelop… or whisper it to them so the other groups do not hear. The players of each group will collaborate using their bodies with sound and movement to replicate the appearance and function of their selected appliance. Each player will become part of the whole (the appliance) as the group interconnects. They will be given five minutes to come up with their machine, and then each group will present their machine to the entire class, or depending on the size of the class, to another group. The observers should wait until each group has finished their demonstration before guessing the name of the appliance and discussing the process.

Possible side-coaching comments:


1. Give each group the same appliance to portray, and have them present them. Discuss the variations of the same idea.
2. After each group has presented, have each group choose their own appliance to become, or, like in charades, have each group choose an appliance for another group to become
3. Switch the topic to emotions. Have each group select an emotion to portray and repeat the same process.


Source: Susan Pearson-Davis. "Creative Drama class." University of New Mexico at Albuquerque.

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