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ED 430: Creativity in the Classroom

Allison Downey

Diane Eberts

Arts Integration Notebook

Create an Arts Integration Resource Notebook that could serve you in your career as an educator to teach with, in, through, and about the arts. It should be a work in progress in that you should be able to add to it as you work in the field. Pick location (state, district, school) you would like to teach in and select an age group. Research arts education and arts integration in that area. Present your ideas & notebook to the class on either Monday, December 1st, or Wednesday, December 3rd.

DUE: December 1st

Your Arts Integration Notebook should include the following sections :

_______ Table of Contents

_______ Introduction: Location (Kalamazoo, other area of Michigan, other part of the country - where do you want to teach; Age Group - early elementary, later elementary, general K-6

_______ Arts Integration Advocacy Statement (1 pg. Typed) including the importance of arts in education and application in the classroom

_______ Arts Concepts List - Themes & Vocabulary across curriculum (Example: patterns, rhythm) at least 1 page.

_______ Arts Standards and Benchmarks (national or state) you can cite your source for this or include hard copy of Standards and Benchmarks for this section.

_______ Creating Integrated Curriculum: Steps to creating integrated curriculum (outline the process)

_______ Lesson Plan Ideas Across the Curriculum:
Choose three themes from your Arts Concept section, and create an outlines for the 3 units integrating all core content areas and the arts. For example, science and dance or math & visual arts. Outline as many potential lessons as you need to include all core curriculum areas: science, math, language arts, social studies, and all art disciplines: visual arts, music, dance, literary arts, drama.

________ Assessment Ideas
Michigan Standards and Benchmarks (use MI Climb)
National Standards for ArtsEducation (or you can use Michigan Standards for Arts Education - just specify which one)

________ Resources
websites, books, articles
list of contacts, teacher interviews (if appropriate)
arts organizations that you can partner with in your classroom
Include several ideas for potential units with partnering organizations

________ Misc. (other things you have found that might be interesting to keep in this

Rubrics: (20 pts.)
_____ / 15 pts. Content: All sections are complete
_____ / 5 pts. Presentation: Well-Organized , professional appearance

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