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ED 430: Creativity in the Classroom

Allison Downey

Diane Eberts

Prof. Downey
ED 430, Fall 2003

Experience the Arts Assignment

Purpose: To help you become better acquainted with the wide variety of art offerings and to encourage you to reflect on how you could use these cultural resources in your elementary classroom.


1. Attend a program, exhibit, performance - i.e. cultural art event related to the visual arts, dance, music, drama/theatre area. You can also go to an event designed for children. Program should be a minimum of one hour in length.

2. This is a chance for you, as a teacher and community member, to expand your repertoire of experiences. It is expected that you will spend at least one hour participating in this experience, and that you will pick an event that will challenge you as an individual as well as give you ideas for integrating the arts into your classroom. Ideas include Kalamazoo Institute of Arts of other art museums, dance, drama, or musical performances, etc. See attached page for a list of possible idea

Non examples include: attending a haunted house, a trip you took last year, an aquarium, walking down the hall and looking at student art work at your placement school…

3. Answer the following questions in a short (1-2 page) paper and turn it in with a brochure or ticket by Wednesday, November 19th in class. Be prepared to share you experience in class.

On __________________________ I visited _____________________

_________________ located__________________________________.

Prof. Downey
ED 430, Fall 2003

"Experience the Arts Assignment"

1. Describe the event or experience.

2. Would this be appropriate for elementary students? Explain why or why not.

3. If appropriate for elementary students, how would you prepare your students to attend this event? What field trip strategies would you use?

4. If not appropriate for elementary students, how did this experience enhance your creativity, and future creative teaching?

5. What did you learn from the experience or event that could be used in your classroom?

Score: / 10 points

_______ (5 points) Event was appropriate for assignment and not combined with another class.

_______ (5 points) Paper explained event and application to classroom. Brochure was attached to paper, which was submitted on time and was free from error.






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