Western Michigan University

ED 430: Creativity in the Classroom

Allison Downey

Diane Eberts

Group Presentation on Textbook Chapter

You and your group members are responsible for developing and presenting ONE chapter from the classroom text. You will need to provide one activity from the chapter to do with the class. All members of the class will participate in your activity.

In addition you will need to develop some form of assessment so that you can determine if they have met all the objectives and goals in your lesson. There could be several assessments throughout the lesson or one assessment at the end of the lesson.

You and your team will have 40 minutes to complete your presentation. You will need to present the information in the chapter in a logical, orderly fashion in a way that is most beneficial to your colleagues, and addresses multiple intelligences theories. The use of visual aids is extremely helpful. Let me know in advance if you need any AV equipment besides the overhead for your presentation. You will also choose one or more activities from the chapter to practice with the class. You may choose to do several activities briefly or one activity in full depth. You MUST have the participants doing an activity; simply talking about what they can do is not enough.

At the end of the lesson I, as well as your classmates, will assess how the lesson went. Each student will be asked to write down thoughts for the team that presented that day.

Rubric: (20 Points Total)

_____ Chapter content was accurately and fully represented
_____ Topics were presented from text in a logical manner, using appropriate audio or visual aids.
_____ Presentation addresses Multiple Intelligences and Creativity Theories.
_____ Activity from chapter taught to class in a way that allowed the entire class to participate.
_____ Assessment tools appropriate and effective
_____ Materials were provided and directions were clear.
_____ Each group member was an active equal participant.
_____ Presentation was approximately 40 minutes in length.

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