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ED 430: Creativity in the Classroom

Allison Downey

Diane Eberts

Diane Eberts

Ideas for Instrument Making

Listed below are ideas for making your own instruments.

Flowerpot Gong and Rubber-Band Mallet

Materials needed for gong:
Variety of clay flowerports
Nylon Rope, about 3 feet per gong
Acrylic Craft paint

Materials needed for mallet:
Paint stick or 12 inch wooden dowel, ¼ to ½ inch diameter
12 - 16 medium rubber bands

Bottle Guiro - plastic bottle with ridges; Tin Can
Wooden skewer and beads
Piece of Cork

Simple Shakers
Soda can, yogurt containers, boxes, tins, long cardboard box or tube, paper plates, toilet paper roll
Fillings of your choice for the shakers: rice, beans, shells, paper clips, buttons, gravel, beads, popcorn kernels
Colorful tape

Shekere, a Ghanaian Instrumet
Use recycled materials to make your own shekere
Stencils, markers, plastic milk jug, potato or plastic net bag
Buttons, washers, pieces of thin wire, handful of beans or popcorn kernels

Gourd Rattle
Dry gourd, wire, stick or dowl about ½ - 1 inch depending on the size of the gourd
Leather strips, feathers,

Will need to be paper-mache'd
Bells, ribbon, big and small metal washers
Baking ring, wallpaper paste

Broom stick or dowel, jingle bells, pot lids, keys, pie plates, rattlels wire spring, rubber foot.

Large cans with both ends cut out
Frame drums - wood cut and nailed together in a square
Cellophane tape
Dowel rod for mallet
Masking tape for mallet head

Tubes, nails, popcorn kernels, shells, beads, rice, etc.
Paper mache - yarn, etc.

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