Western Michigan University

ED 430: Creativity in the Classroom

Allison Downey

Diane Eberts

ED 430, Prof. Downey


Objective: To allow you to put into practice all the great ideas you have for integrating the arts into an elementary or middle school classroom!

_____/2 points. You may teach this lesson in your current placement classroom (ED 402 or 369/371). If you choose to do this, you need to return the permission form, signed by your teacher, to me by Wednesday, Oct. 15th. If you need a placement, you can sign up for a teacher through me. In this case, you are expected to make contact with the teacher to find out which topics you are to integrate.

_____/5 points. Observation and Teacher Interview. Once your placement is complete, you will need to spend at least 30 minutes in your placement classroom observing the class and interviewing the teacher. A typed synopsis of this should be turned in by Mon., October 27th.

_____/15 points. Lesson Plan. Your lessons should be rich and deep, and integrated in the teacher's curriculum. I expect you to go beyond having the students draw a picture to go along with the story. You should identify an art concept, embedded in the national arts standards, to teach to the students.

_____/5 points. Teaching experience.
Based on teacher evaluation and self-evaluation.

****Lesson plans should be typed and free from errors, turned in to me for review by Two Weeks before you present your lesson (Nov. 10th at the latest), a copy given to teacher on or before the day you teach, and final lesson plan with completed self assessment and teacher evaluations due Wednesday, December 3rd.

*LESSON PLAN REQUIREMENTS (see textbook p. 49 for integrated lesson plan format):

Personal information: name, section, date, school, teacher, grade
Lesson title and integrated subjects
Time anticipated and transition procedures: Lesson should be timed and have a good flow, with extra activities in case you finish early, but flexibility to cut activities if needed.
Objectives: include National Standards and Michigan content standards
Materials for students and teacher/preparation required: Plan ahead what materials you will need to prepare (visuals, etc.) and bring, as well as what materials students will need. Also consider managing materials: how will you distribute and collect materials?
Procedures (describe in detail):
Closure/Clean up
Assessment (include any assessment tools used - rubrics, etc.) See Appendix D in your textbook for examples of assessment tools.
Self-Assessment and Teacher Evaluation

_____/3 points. Professionalism:
Dressed professionally, on time for lesson, copy of lesson plan and evaluation for teacher, courteous to school personnel, professional relationship with students.

Score: _____/30 points.


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