Western Michigan University

ED 430: Creativity in the Classroom

Allison Downey

Diane Eberts

Integrated Thematic Units and Lesson Plans Rubric

You will be working in groups (no more than 4 to a group) to create an arts-based interdisciplinary unit incorporating: a) generative themes or critical questions, b) lessons from each discipline, c) the national standards for arts education and d) the Michigan standards for the selected content areas. You will be given some time in class to meet with your groups, but additional time outside of class may be necessary. Each group will present their units to the class on either Monday, December 1st or Wednesday, December 3rd.
DUE Date: December 1st

Your Integrated Thematic Unit Should include:

_______ Theme : Is it valid - have validity within the disciplines? Is it too broad, too specific?
Is it interesting?

_______ Critical or Essential Question (what do you want to know about the theme?)

_______ Framework for Unit Plan: Includes Web or Graphic Organizer (information about this can be found in your coursepack, chapters from: Interdisciplinary curriculum: Design and Implementation & Renaissance in the Classroom: Arts Integration and Meaningful Learning )

_______ Background information (research about the theme)

_______ Resources and materials used in the unit

_______ Lesson Plans (at least 12 total) : (See sample plan)

Rubrics: (20 pts.)
_____ / 17 pts. Content: All sections are complete
_____ / 3 pts. Presentation: Well-Organized ,
professional appearance

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