Western Michigan University

ED 430: Creativity in the Classroom

Allison Downey

Diane Eberts

Interdisciplinary Arts Integration Units:

Final Project: Group Interdisciplinary Thematic Arts Integration Units: 25%

You will be working in groups to create an arts-based interdisciplinary unit geared to your assigned grade level incorporating:

a) generative themes and critical questions
b) Framework for unit plan including graphic organizer / concept maps
c) at least 3 lessons from each discipline that integrate the arts and includes assessment strategies and arts partnership opportunities
d) the national standards for arts education and
e) the Michigan standards for the selected content areas
f) synthesized background material about the theme
g) a cover newsletter to parents justifying the unit and the integration of arts, and why this theme/unit is appropriate developmentally and curricularly for their child (your grade level)

You will be given some time in class to meet with your groups, but additional time outside of class may be necessary. Each group will present their units to the class and later at the Creative Arts Symposium on Friday, April 16th. You will be evaluated by your group members for your preparation. You will be prepared to create your Interdisciplinary Arts Integration Units through a variety of experiences and assignments over the course of the semester:
You will be working in groups as assigned grade level teachers within the first several weeks of the semester. Each student will be assigned a grade (K-6) and core subject area: (Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science) to research. Throughout the course of the semester, you will apply the arts integration strategies to this grade level for assignments and projects. You will be expected to become "experts" on the curriculum guidelines and the National and State Benchmarks and Standards for your assigned grade & subject area to serve as a foundation for arts integration.

You will develop this understanding from:

a. A study of the teaching materials (textbooks, teacher aids…) - some available from Ed. Library, some at K-RESA (Kalamazoo Regional Educational Services - 1819 E. Milham, #385-1500 (all standards and benchmarks sold in hardcopy at K-RESA, great teacher resources
b. District-wide curriculum for KPS (held at Main St. Prof. Development: 1627 W.Main, corner of W.Main & Arlington, #337-0833 - call to schedule your time, ask for Alissa)
c . Research about child development at your assigned grade level
d. Study of National & State Standards & Benchmarks for core subject areas, explore Michigan Dept. of Ed. website, MI-Climb...
d . Classroom visit to observe the students - Woods Lake Elementary

i. Interviewing the Teachers (teacher interviews scheduled during class)
ii. Interviewing the Students


Monday, February 16th: Overview of curriculum for assigned grade & subject area - (1-2 pgs. Typed)
1 copy for me, 1 for each member of groupAttach standards & benchmarks for subject & grade level
Monday, February 23rd: List of questions for Woods Lake teachers & Students
Wednesday, March 10th: Synthesized research material about assigned core subject curriculum, standards & child development for your assigned grade level.
Monday, March 15th: theme choice & justification of validity of theme
Monday, March 22nd: Concept map , graphic organizer and unit framework
Monday, March 29th: lesson Plan (rough drafts) for units: K-2
Wednesday, March 31st: Lesson Plans (rough draft) for units: 3-6
Wednesday, April 7th: Rough Draft of unit / Present lessons to class
Monday, April 12th: Interdisciplinary Arts Integration Unit Plans
Friday, April 16th: Present in Integrated Creative Arts Symposium

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