Western Michigan University

ED 430: Creativity in the Classroom

Allison Downey

Diane Eberts

Spring 2004

ED 430: Reflection Papers: Checklist

1. Does your paper meet the nuts and bolts guidelines? assigned length, double-spaced, 12pt. Times-Roman font. Stapled.

2. Grammar & Spelling. Proofread. You will teach children to read and write - your grammar and spelling are important as well.

3. Is your paper well-organized and your argument clearly laid out?

4. With the exception of the evaluations (which focus entirely on personal experience and not theory, i.e. creative process and self eval. due at the end of the semester),
Did you respond to ALL the readings? Include references to each of the readings assigned. You can pick a topic to focus on and compare/contrast the readings, or try to cover more ground.

5. Did you grapple with the issues? Have you critically examined the reading? What are the complexities of the issue? What might be some of the holes in the arguments? I.e. If so much of the evidence states that arts integration has beneficial results, why doesn't every school support it? If an evaluation, did you thoroughly grapple with your experiences, your challenges, and your growth.

6. Did you support your statements? If you write that you think arts education is important, why? If you list the effects of arts education, what are your sources?

7. Did you define/explain your vocabulary? If you mention Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, do you explain what it means? When you talk about art in the classroom, are you referring to teaching with, in, about, or through the arts?

8. Do you respond to the claims made by the sources? Do you include your reactions and relevant experiences? Have you related the information to personal experiences?

9. Have you related class experiences to the reading?

10. Are your claims accurate? I.e. The exclusion of arts education does not necessarily mean that the teaching will be dull, boring, and non-interactive.

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