These columns are my own Torah based religious writings. The views in these columns represent my own studies and thoughts. If you are not interested in Jewish studies, please discard and ignore. If you are curious to know the reasons for my thoughts – just ask.

Judah Ari-Gur


Judah’s Torah Columns

·        ANIMAL SACRIFICE  Leviticus and Jewish hygiene

·        BAD IS GOOD              on wine, Kiddush and Seder

·        Binding of Ishmael         on children as “human shields”

·        Census                           Numbers: why a low age limit was used for counting Levites?

·        COMMON SENSE        on the creation of new laws --  Tzelofhad’s daughters

·        DIBROT                        the First Commandment – is it a commandment?

·        DIVIDED LOYALTY   is it “Us versus Them”?

·        Evolution of Creation    Evolution is in Genesis

·        Exemplary Education    how parents teach their children thoroughly

·        FAITH and OPTIMISM the sin of the spies:  without faith the future is just anxiety

·        FLOOD                          on the 7 Noahide laws

·        Golden Calf                   faith is not granted, it is a daily effort

·        Government Program    Joseph’s plan was the ideal government program

·        Heart                              on managerial skills

·        HOSPITALITY             good manners are not commandments, but human requisites

·        JEWISH DIET               Jewish food is required to be clean

·        LEADER                       on leadership qualities:  Moses

·        LEADERS’ DECORUM         on the expectations from leaders

·        LOVE YOURSELF       love your fellow and yourself

·        PRIESTLY GENES       Jewish priests (Kohanim) are descendants of Aaron

·        PUBLIC HEALTH        the priests were responsible to monitor public health

·        Rosh HaShanah             the year starts on the 1st day of the 7th month

·        SANCTIFYING ABOMINATION   do rabbis have the authority to allow a sin?

·        Siblings                          parents should not prefer a child over another

·        SINCERE SERVICE     worthy service/prayer are for the good of others, not self gain

·        SOJOURNERS              on non-Jews within the congregation

·        SPIRITUAL PURIFICATION red-heifer: large efforts are needed to elevate a community

·        SUFFERING                 pre-requisite for change and progress

·        Teaching Mitzvot           it’s our responsibility to teach values -- right and wrong

·        TISHA BeAV                inner divisions are recipe for disaster; let’s focus on unity

·        TRUTH and TRUST     truth ==> justice ==> peace

·        TURN TO SEE              initiate, seek God to make Him available

·        VERBAL FRAUD         it is forbidden to refer to converts as such

·        WHO IS A RABBI        may rabbis declare the Torah obsolete?

·        Why                               try to understand mitzvot, but understanding is not a condition

·        WORDS POWER          on malicious gossip and slander

·        YOM KIPPUR               a reminder of our weakness and mortality