ME 621                                 THEORY OF PLATES AND SHELLS                               Fall 2009

                                                             COURSE OUTLINE


Instructor:       Dr. Judah Ari-Gur, Room F-246, Tel.: (269) 276-3419, Fax: 276-3421,


Office Hours:  Mon. 5 p.m., Wed. 11 a.m., or by appointment

Textbook:        Ugural, A.C., Stresses in Plates and Shells, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1999.

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Catalog Description: 3 cr-hr (3-0)

Pure bending of plates (Kirchhoff theory).  Rectangular, circular and annular plates under lateral loads.  Various edge conditions.  Effects of transverse shear deformation (Mindlin theory).  Large deflections of Plates.  Theory of thin curved shells.  Deformations and stresses of cylindrical and conical shells.

Prerequisites:   ME 365 (or consent).



Introduction.  Definitions.  Assumptions.

Plate bending: Deformations; stresses and stress resultants; equilibrium and governing equations; boundary conditions.  Energy methods.

Circular plates:            Axisymmetric and asymmetric solutions.

Rectangular plates:      Solutions.

Thick plates.  Large deflections (nonlinear theory).

Thin shell geometry and resultants.

Shells of revolution:    Axisymmetric deformations; stress resultants; equilibrium and governing equations; boundary conditions.  Solutions.



Homework problems   - 35% (as assigned)

Midterm exam             - 25% (Thur., 29 Oct., 2009)

Final exam                   - 40% (7:15-9:15, Thur., 17 Dec., 2009)


A=90%- ; BA=85%- ; B=80%- ; CB=75%- ; C=70%- ; DC=65%- ; D=60%-