ME622                                        Stability of Thin-Walled Structures                                 Spring 2004

                                                                   Course Outline


Instructor:         Dr. Judah Ari-Gur, Room F-246, Tel.: (269) 276-3419, Fax: (269) 387-3421




Office hours:     Mon. & Thur. 2-2:50


Textbook:         (none.  See Bibliography)


Bibliography:    (list distributed in class)


Catalog Description:

Bifurcation buckling of flat circular and rectangular plates. Interaction curves for combined loads. Effects of boundary conditions. Behavior of initially imperfect plates under inplane compression. Post-buckling behavior. Buckling of stringer-stiffened plates. Axisymmetric and asymmetric buckling of circular cylinders. Imperfection sensitivity and collapse of cylindrical shells.

Prerequisite:      ME 621.


Grading:           Homework (20%)

Seminar (25%)

FEA Research project (25%)

Final exam (30%) [Mon., 19 Apr., 2004, 7:15 p.m.]


A=90%- ; BA=85%- ; B=80%- ; CB=75%- ; C=70%- ; DC=65%- ; D=60%- .