Proceedings of the International Conference on Development Studies in Ethiopia, July 11-12 2003, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Introduction, Sisay Asefa (Western Michigan University)

Part I: Agriculture, Environment and Food Security Issues

Pastoral Livelihoods in Urban and Peri-urban Spaces of Ethiopia: The Case of Yabello, Borana Zone, Edlam Aberra (University of London, Queen Mary)

Status and prospects of farm forestry practices in central Ethiopia, a case of western Guraghe Highlands, Negussie Achalu, Holm Uibrig and Guido Weisshahn (Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Internationale Forst- und Holzwirtschaft, Weißiger Hoehe)

Conceptualizing Famine in Ethiopia, Getnet Alemu (IDR Addis Ababa University)

Rural Poverty, Food Insecurity and Environmental Degradation in Ethiopia: A Case Study from South Central Ethiopia, Sisay Asefa and Tesfaye Zegeye (Western Michigan University and Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization (EARO))

Agroforestry and Community Forestry for Rehabilitation of Degraded Watersheds on the Ethiopian Highlands, Badege Bishaw and Abdu Abdelkadir (Oregon State University and Debub University)

Policy options for improving market participation and sales of smallholder livestock producers: A case study of Ethiopia, Simeon Ehui, Samuel Benin and Zelekawork Paulos (The World Bank, International Food Policy Research Institute and International Livestock Research Institute)

Household’s Consumption Pattern and Demand for Energy in Urban Ethiopia, Samuel Faye Gamtessa (Addis Ababa University)

Perspectives on Food Crop Production for Combating Famine in Ethiopia, Brhane Gebrekidan (Amhara Micro-enterprise development)

Land Tenure and Land Management in the Highlands of Northern Ethiopia, Berhanu Gebremedhin, John Pender and Simeon Ehui (International livestock Research Institute (ILRI))

Land Tenure and Land Management Technology: A Case Study from the Central Ethiopia, Workneh Negatu (IDR Addis Ababa University)

The Future Impact of Adoption of Soil Conservation Strategy at Family level in the Highlands of Ethiopia, Senait Regassa and Werner Doppler (Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization and University of Hohenheim)

Market Incentives, Farmers’ Response and A Policy Dilemma: A Case Study on Expansion of Chat Production as a Cash Crop in the Eastern Ethiopian Highlands, Tesfaye Lemma Tefera , Johann Kirsten and Sylvain Perret (Alemaya University and University of Pretoria)

Resource Quality and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa and Implications for Ethiopia, Abebayehu Tegene and Keith D. Wiebe (US Department of Agriculture)

Environment Stress and Increased Vulnerability to Impoverishment and Survival in Ethiopia: A Synthesis, Tesfaye Teklu (Western Michigan University)


Part II: Economics, Human Resources and Technology Issues

Ethiopian Macroeconomic Modeling in Historical Perspective: Bringing Gebre-Hiwot and His Contemporaries to Ethiopian Macroeconomics Realm, Alemayehu Geda (Addis Ababa University)

Blending of Traditional and Modern Technologies through Science, Berhanu Gizaw ()

An Alternative View to the “Africa Dummy”, Paulos Gutema (Addis Ababa University)

Education and Economic Performance in Sub Sahara Africa, Paulos Gutema and Mekonnen Bekele (Addis Ababa University and Ethiopian Development Research Institute)

Determinants of Access to Credit and Loan Amount: Household-level Evidence from Urban Ethiopia, Abi Kedir ()

Holistic Integrated Youth-Centered Development: Need for Change of Focus, Yared Mammo (Alemaya University)

Regional Differences in HIV Prevalence in the light of Prevailing Socio-economic Conditions: A Preliminary Comparison of Northeastern and Southern Africa, Lemma Merid (UNDP/UNOPS)

Macroeconomic Development and Private Sector Performance in Ethiopia: the 1990’s Experience, Melesse Minale (National Bank of Ethiopia)

An Economic Analysis of Fiscal Federalism in Ethiopia, Abu Girma Moges ()

School Choice and Policy Response: A Comparative Context between Private and Public Schools in Urban Ethiopia, Berhanu Seboka (Ethiopian Civil Service College)

Educating the Community, Meskerem Shiferaw ()


Part III: Governance, Institutions and Diaspora Issues

Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia: Background, Present Conditions and Future Prospects, Alem Habtu (Queens College/CUNY)

Reflections on Development in Ethiopia, Paul B. Henze ()

The Role of ESRDF in Empowering Communities The Case of Addis Ababa Regional Office, Alemayehu Semunigus (Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation and Development Fund)