2007 International Conference on Ethiopian Development Studies (4th ICEDS)
A Multidisciplinary Conference on the Challenges of
Peace and Development in Ethiopia & the Horn of Africa
Sponsored by Center for African Development Policy Research, Haenicke Institute of Global Education(HIGE) and Ethiopian Development Studies Program
Sisay Asefa, Tadesse Wodajo, & Aberra Senbeta
August 2-4, 2007

Western Michigan University
Haworth College of Business
2000 Schneider Hall

1. Natural Resources, Agriculture & Food Security ( 8 Papers)

• Commercial Off-take under Smallholder Mixed Crop-Livestock Production System in Ethiopia & its Determinants for Improving Live Animal Supply for Export Abattoirs, Asfaw Negassa, PhD. ILRI, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Governance and Agricultural Productivity: Microeconomic Evidence from Ethiopia, Daniel Zerfu, PhD Candidate, Gothenburg University, Sweden
Agricultural Research and Development in Ethiopia, Efrem Bechere, Ph.D. Soil Science Department, Texas Tech. University, Lubbock, Texas, USA
Contribution of Farmers Breeders in Meeting Food Security: The Case of Sorghum in Ethiopia. Firew Mekbib, Haramaya University, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia & Department of Plant & Environmental Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
Technical Efficiency Among Southeastern Ethiopian Farmers: Investigating the Role of Credit, Hussein Hamda, PhD, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden, Haremaya University, Ethiopia
Cereal Production and N-Fertilizer Demand in Greater Horn of Africa and Egypt: Analysis Based on Material Balance. Shawel Betru, PhD Student, University of Tokyo, Japan
Analysis of Farmers Preference for Development Intervention Programs in Ethiopia: A Case Study of Subsistence Farmers in Eastern Highlands of Hararge. Wegayehu Bekele, Diredawa University, Diredawa, Ethiopia
Critical Factors Hampering Agricultural Productivity in Ethiopia: The Case of Northern Ethiopian Farmers,Yezihalem Tesfa, St.Mary University College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2. Investment, Poverty, Aid & Finance, Migration Issues (10 Papers)

The Political Economy of Poverty Reduction Policies in Ethiopia, Abu Girma, PhD. Optimum Solutions, Tukuba Science City, Ibaraki, Japan
Do Foreign Direct Investment & Foreign Aid Promote Good Governance? Adugna Lemi, Blen Solomon & Sisay Asefa, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
Households’ Willingness to Resettle and Preference to Forms of Compensation for Improving Slum Areas in Addis Ababa City. Alebel Bayrau and Genanew Bekele Ph.D. candidates, respectively, Hoheneim University, Germany; & Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria.
Investor’s Willingness to pay for Urban Land: the Case of Addis Ababa City. Alebel Bayrau and Genanew Bekele, Ph.D. candidates, respectively Hoheneim University, Germany & Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria.
The Role of Exchange Rate Uncertainty and Political Risk on Foreign Direct Investment into Africa, Blen Solomon and Sisay Asefa, Western Michigan University
Aid, Growth, and Poverty Alleviation in Ethiopia, Sintayehu Fissha, PhD, Makelle University, Ethiopia
Fiscal Response to External Finance, Dawit Senbet, PhD & Aberra Senbetta, PhD Candidate, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
Investigation of Quality Awareness, Developments and Factors Impeding Product Quality Improvements in Ethiopian Medium and Large Scale Manufacturing Industries. Gebremeskel Kahsay, Ph.D. Student, P.H. Osanna & N.M. Duakbasa, Vienna University of Technology, Austria.
Estimating Remittances from the US to Ethiopia, Gezahegn Bekele, PhD, US General Accounting Office, Washington DC. USA
Private Transfers, Informal Loans and Risk Sharing among Poor Urban Households. Seife Dendir, PhD, Reardon University & Eskander Alvi, PhD, Western Michigan University, MI,USA.

3. Politics, Civil Society Institutions & Decentralization ( 8 papers)

Building Democratic Institutions of Governance& Civil Institutions. Erku Yimer, PhD. Ethiopian National Congress, Chicago
Determinants of Institutional Quality, Eyerusalem Siba, Graduate Student, Gothenburg University, Sweden.
Examining the 2005 Ethiopian Parliamentary Elections Results Under Alternative Electoral Rules, John Ishiyama, PhD. Department of Political Science, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO
Leadership Perspective: Country Development and Transition to Free Market Economy: Kinfu Adisu, PhD, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI
Party Politics, Political Polarization & the Future of Democracy in Ethiopia, Merera Gudina, PhD. Department of Political Science and International Relations, Addis Ababa University
The Status Local Good Governance in Ethiopia, Meskerem Shiferaw, Consultant, the Netherlands Development Association, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
What role Should Civil Society Organizations Play to Address Ethnic Conflicts in Ethiopia? Sisay Gebre-Egziabher, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Prerequisites to Macro-Economic Development & Globalization in the Horn of Africa, Vestal, Theodore, PhD. Department of Political Science, Stillwater, OK.USA.

4. Conflict, Peace Building & US Policy on the Horn ( 7 Papers)

Priming a Strategy and Mechanism for Greater Horn of Africa Peace and Development, BT Constantinos, PhD.Center for Human Environment, Addis Ababa.
Toward Resolving the Ethiopia-Somalia Dispute, Daniel Kendie, PhD, Department of History and Philosophy, Henderson University, Arkansas.
Challenges of Regional Peace After the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in the Sudan, Grawert, Elke, University of Bremen, Germany
“An Ethiopian Dilemma: Deep Structures, Wrenching Process” Levine, Donald, PhD, University of Chicago. (Key Note Lecture)
The Global Response to the Darfur Crises in the Sudan, Mehari Maru, John Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.
The Problem of Social and Cultural Norms Among Ethiopian (Political) Elites, Salaam Yitbarak, Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Canada.
United States Policy in the Horn of Africa, James Swan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, US State Department, DC ( Special Lunch Lecture)

5. HIV/AIDS, Human Health & Child Nutrition ( 2 Papers)

Changes in Child Nutrition Statistics in Ethiopia: Evidence from 2000 and 2005 Demographic and Health Surveys, Alemayehu Ambel, PhD, and Wei-Chiao Huang, PhD, Professor, Western Michigan University.
Government’s Response to the Challenge of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, Bedri Jebril Mohammed, PhD Student, Nihon Fkushi University, Japan.