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Title: Platform Adds Feature Range, From Must-Use to Overdue
Author: Doug Henschen
Publication: InformationWeek
Issue: 1266
Date Published: May 10, 2010
Since its release in 2001, SharePoint was looked over and past by most companies but like most if not all Microsoft applications, it has grown to be the market dominant application of its kind. What started as the cost effective portal has now grown into a highly variable platform with extensive collaboration and content management functions.  One of the large 2010 updates was for IT with extensive development controls allowing for maximized personnel efficiency. With single repositories now maxing out with over 50 million items, its content functionality towards true enterprise content management scale.  Another big upgrade in 2010 was the social networking functionality in the communities are allowing people to collaborate under different mediums.


Title: Microsoft unveils ‘kilimanjaro’
Author:  Brian Prince
Publication:  eWeek
Issue:  Vol. 25 Iss. 29
Date Published: Oct 13, 2008
On Oct 6, 2008, keynote speaker, Microsoft’s vice president of Data and Platform Storage Division, Ted Kummert laid out the company’s plans to build additional BI capabilities into SQL Server.  "Kilimanjaro will allow an end user to leverage the technology they are familiar with-Excel [and] SharePoint-to produce a report and share it with their colleagues for further collaboration.” Only 2 months after the release of SQL Server 2008, this goes along with Microsoft’s  tendency to release almost finished programs and allow the complaints and bugs to flow in allowing for a smother more substantial program to be modified and finished with.