Collegiate Objective

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On a personal level, I am back in college to finally finish what I started back in 2002 when I graduated high school. I went to college full time for a few years but eventually had to start working to support myself and got caught up in the make money part of life. Eventually I ended up working 50+ hours a week driving a fork lift making a decent living, but was not happy with where my future was headed and knew that education was my only choice. Although I started going to college in 2002, I have only taken one full year off, due to a car-bike accident. I realized that taking 3-6 credits a semester was realistically getting me nowhere fast and that I needed to do something about it. I’m now a fulltime student working hard for my daily and long term goals knowing that education is going to lead to a full time employment where I enjoy going to work every day and my co-workers are of interest and not despise. Through this experience I have learned that you don’t necessarily need to know how to get there, just where you want to go. I will continue to be steadfast in my progress in both education and my personal life.

On a professional level I hope to gain the necessary skills and experiences so that I may succeed in the professional world. The education and knowledge I gain now provides a strong base for me to build from for the future no matter what it holds. I have always had an enjoyment from working with and on computers but I never really thought of it as a viable option for a job until I talked with some IT professional friends and counselors. Ever since then I have been dedicated and determined as to what I will achieve. Moving into the corporate world would be a nice adventure however I do have this feeling that I will end up being self employed or working for a small business at some point in my working future. With that fact that I have been going to college for such an extended period of time my GPA has been all over the place but the past few years have been 3.0 or better and that is just a testament to how dedicated and sincere I am at succeeding in this time around.