Collegiate Objective
Graduating from Western Michigan University is a personal goal for me. Not to prove to anyone else, but to prove to myself, that I am capable of, not only holding a full time career but also,expanding my education. Receiving a degree from this institution if higher learning will open more doors for me in my current field of work. I have found my way up the corporate ladder of my business to the highest position I can obtain without a degree. In order to further myself with my company I must buckle down and complete these classes.
Overall, I am trying to finish these classes as soon as possible so that I can focus on my true passion, retail management. With the goal of becoming a regional director by the age of 35, my getting schooling over with as is important to me. Real world experience has taught me a lot classrooms could not. These experiences will help me achieve my degree faster than those of my peers. This experience will also give me a more business opportunities than my classmates.My degree will be the icing on the cake.