IME 604 : Facilities Planning and Design


Sample Exam

Paper Topics


Papers Presented in Spring 2000 Semester:

                                    1. Designing of Work Cells Using the Kaizan Approach  (Robert Biggins)

                                    2. Facilities Design in Lean Manufacturing (Kris Adidarma)

                                    3. Conveyor Sortation Systems used in Distribution Operations (Michael Warber)

                                    4. Layout Techniques to Improve Warehouse Efficiency (Tse Kiang)

                                    5. Design and Implementation of Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (Kampol Ithisathi)

                                    6. Design of an Office to Improve Productivity (Nattakorn Madaree)

                                    7. Applications of AGV’s to Improve System Efficiency (Jakrapan Kantabutra)

                                    8. Planning and Design of Clean Rooms in Manufacturing (Bradley Harris)

                                    9. Applications of Robots in the automotive Industry (Soon Lim)

                                    10.  Applications of Simulation in Designing Facilities (Dhruva Mulabagal)

                                    11. Incorporating Safety in Materials Handling (Suresh Gadiyaram)

                                    12. Factors to be Considered in Locating Facilities for Supply Chain Management (Sathiya Prabaharan)

                                    13. Fire Protection, Detection & Control in Warehouses (Gopikrishna Ganta)

                                    14. Implementation of ADA in Manufacturing Facilities (William Cross)

                                    15.  Facilities Design Using Expert Systems (Anand Gundu)

                                    16. Designing Modular Offices (Maxim Sushenko)