Excel Best Practices 

 Excel Models: PDF file (490 KB, 23 pages), Balik & Mehran, 10/06, (Excel 2003). LinkToPDFfile
 Spreadsheet Modeling Best Practice: (1.4 MB, 102 pages), Read & Batson, 4/99. LinkToPDFfile
 How do you know your spreadsheet is right? (666 KB, 14 pages), Bewig, 7/05. LinkToPDFfile
 The Devil's guide to spreadsheet creation, PraxIS, 4/04. LinkToSite

 Excel web sites 

 Mr Excel:  Bill Jelen's info about Excel. Bill is known as Mr. Excel. LinkToSite
 Mr Spreadsheet:  John Walkenbach's web site, John is known as Mr Spreadsheet. LinkToSite
 Peltier's Excel Site:  Jon Peltier's Excel site, Many Excel chart tips. LinkToSite
 Pope's Excel Site:  Andy Pope's Excel site, Many Excel tips. LinkToSite
 Rubin's Excel tips:  Joseph Rubin's web site.  Tips for all versions of Excel. LinkToSite
 Excel for Duke MBAs: Excel material for Duke University MBA students. LinkToSite
 Dashboards: Using Excel 2007 to create Dashboards, The Dashboard Spy web site. LinkToSite
 Excel for Business: Charley Kyd's web site for business users of Microsoft Excel. LinkToSite

 Excel blogs

 The MSDN blog for Microsoft Excel and Excel Services LinkToSite
 JLD Excel blog LinkToSite
 Ken Puls blog LinkToSite
 Daily Dose of Excel LinkToSite
 Excel blob, Timothy Mayes LinkToSite
 Excel News The weblog for Excel spreadsheet news. LinkToSite
 Excel blog, Info about Microsoft Excel for Windows LinkToSite

 Excel Charts and Tables 

 Graph and Table IQ test, 10 questions, Stephen Few, May 2007. LinkToSite
 Uses and Misuses of Color, PDF file, Stephen Few, November 2005. LinkToPDFfile
 Best Practices for Understanding Quantitative Data, PDF file, Jonathan Koomey, 2/06. LinkToPDFfile
 Designing Effective Tables and Graphs, PDF file, Stephen Few, No date. LinkToPDFfile


 Other Excel features 

 Keyboard shortcuts: Charlie’s List, or “214 Keyboard Shortcuts” LinkToSite
 Equation Editor in Word 2007 (not in Excel 2007 or PowerPoint 2007), Waterloo Univ. LinkToSite
 Microsoft Equation in Excel 2003, same in 2007  
 To access: Insert tab, Object in Text group, Object dialog box and Create New tab LinkToSite

 Other Spreadsheet Programs

 Google Spreadsheets: Google's Internet spreadsheet program (registration required). LinkToSite
 Zoho Sheet: Zoho.com Internet spreadsheet program (registration required). LinkToSite
 Open Office Suite: OpenOffice.org, Free downloadable Office program. LinkToSite
 Quattro Pro: Spreadsheet program in Corel WordPerfect Office, current version is X3. LinkToSite
 Lotus 1-2-3: Spreadsheet program in Lotus SmartSuite, current version is 9.8. LinkToSite

 Are Excel Skills Important?

 Daily Dose of Excel, Blog, How important is strong working knowledge of Excel? LinkToSite
 West Chester University: Excel exam for upper level finance and accounting courses. LinkToSite
 UofC Berkeley Career Center: Advice for Liberal Arts students seeking business jobs. LinkToSite
 EphBlog: Williams University student: Issue: Course Selections for a Finance Career. LinkToSite
 Houston Astros Internships: Need for Excel skills is mentioned several times. LinkToSite
 Jobs at Wells Fargo: Notice mention of both Accounting and Excel. LinkToSite
 Student Testimonials, Scared Heart University: Read testimonial of Lisa Nevanpera. LinkToSite
 Economics, Queens College: See item 26, Courses outside or Economics. LinkToSite
 George Washington University: Students Learn Skills for Working on Wall Street. LinkToSite
 Sophisticated Finance: Blog, Issue: The purpose of financial models. LinkToSite

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