Dr. Bat-Ami


Dr. Miriam Bat-Ami is a full professor at Western Michigan University. She has taught in the Department of English since l989 and is a children's literature specialist. She has written articles in Children's Literature Association Quarterly, Children's Literature in Education, Canadian Children's Literature, and Language Arts Journal of Michigan. She has presented at national and international conferences both as a scholar and as a children's and young adult writer. Dr. Bat-Ami has published poetry and short stories in children's and young adult magazines. She has published four longer works: Sea, Salt, and Air (picture book), When the Frost is Gone (middle grade novel), Dear Elijah (middle grade novel), and Two Suns in the Sky (young adult novel). Dear Elijah was an American Booksellers' Pick of the List for l995, and Two Suns in the Sky won the Scott O'Dell Award in 2000. Dr. Bat-Ami has also given workshops and lectured at many school.

Dr. Bat-Ami is married and has two children, two dogs, two cockatiels, one cat, and one horse. When she isn't giving tests, she is taking dressage tests and doing a lot poorer than her students, but she loves to learn about all animals and their important relationship with human beings. She feels that learning a new skill and being a student of writing and riding allow her to better understand her own students as students and as teachers-in-training.

Bat-Ami's words of wisdom: When we stop training, we stop living. When we lose the joy in training, we lose the joy in living. Everybody has something to teach, and everybody has something to learn. The key is to find what gives the greatest joy to you and those around you.